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Who is CryoUSA?

CryoUSA is the world's leader in Whole Body Cryotherapy and the Official Cryotherapy Provider of the Dallas MavericksTM and many other professional sports organization. We are committed to ushering the cryotherapy revolution across America as the most trusted partner for equipment, training, support and consultation. Our mission is to bring the benefits of whole body cryotherapy to not only elite athletes and celebrities, but weekend warriors and soccer moms, as well.

  • "My athletes recover after a hard interval workout back-to-back with a hard lifting session, and feel great when they are normally wiped out!
    They feel like they can go work out again!"ALBERTO SALAZAR, NIKE OREGON PROJECT, BEAVERTON, OREGON
  • "This treatment is typically used by elite athletes for faster recovery and to repair and restore the body. I've found it just as beneficial for those who are ill or rundown. It's like pressing a reset button!"KIMBERLY ELLIOT, CryoUSA CLIENT, DALLAS, TX
  • "I train a group through Luke's Locker, the ATP program. Talked to them about it and many of us began going to Cryo after our long runs, then before and after our marathons. BOY what a difference in recovery!!"MAGGIE RIBA, RUNNING COACH, PERSONAL TRAINER, DALLAS, TX